The purpose of this section is to provide detailed policies and procedures which are applicable to funds administered by East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging, including those provided under the Older Americans Act, State appropriations, and other related programs. These policies and procedures are intended to:

  • Describe the procedures that East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging will follow in monitoring grant and/or contract-related activities and describe the fiscal compliance responsibilities of grantees.
  • Prescribe fiscal and program policies and procedures that will safeguard public funds being used in Older Americans Act and related grants administered by East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging.

Reports and Records

Recipients of Agency on Aging funding are responsible for managing and monitoring each project, program, service, function or activity supported by the award and are required to submit timely, complete, and accurate performance and financial reports in such form, and containing such information as required.


The Agency on Aging has the responsibility to ensure that all service providers receiving Older Americans Act and/or Illinois General Revenue Fund assistance operate effectively and in compliance with the conditions of their grant and/or contract award documents. As a result, the Agency on Aging has a system for monitoring, conducting compliance reviews, and assessing service providers.

Monitoring is the ongoing process by which the Agency on Aging systematically gathers fiscal, programmatic, personnel, and other data about service(s) activities carried out under the grant and/or contract award to ensure that the service provider adheres to constraints of legislative and administrative regulations, policies, guidelines, and contractual agreements.

The Agency on Aging will use the information gathered during monitoring to:

  1. Ensure that each provider performs the activities and services for which the grant and/or contract award was given;
  2. Identify deficiencies in performance and establish a plan for correction;
  3.  Ensure that funds are expended in accordance with the grant and/or contract award and other applicable rules and regulations;
  4. Assist the service provider in understanding Federal, State, and Area Agency fiscal procedures;
  5. Determine if Agency on Aging technical assistance is needed;
  6. Establish a basis for initiating action against a service provider when non-compliance issues are not resolved.

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